Ambassador Packages

Dear friend of Peter Gastberger,


We are very excited on the upcoming release of Peter’s book titled CHANGE and FREE Yourself: The Wheel of Life; The Ultimate Life-Changing Guide to Becoming the Best You Could Ever Be!, and we would like to invite you to join us and benefit from the successful launch that Black Card Books has laid out for this book.


Peter will launch a promotional and publicity campaign on the release of his book, which will be published this year. He will partner with a charity of his choice, supporting them with donations from the proceeds of his promotional plan.


As you well know, it’s important for businesses to brand themselves. Small- to medium-sized businesses clearly can’t afford to “brand” themselves like how big businesses can. Most advertising campaigns have very short shelf life. In fact, many of us impulsively toss out our junk mails even before these get into the house. Newspapers are gone in a day. Magazines are stale in a week. It’s imperative that we target our advertising through media that offer a long-term shelf life.


But what if you have the opportunity to be part of something HUGE and join an initiative of support? What if you could be a part of a prestigious group of businesses supporting the launch of a brand-new book, its marketing concept, and build your business brand at the same time?


It is our pleasure to introduce to you the CHANGE and FREE Yourself Ambassador Program, which is designed to bring together like-minded businesses and create a community initiative of partnership. For the cost of a few Starbucks coffees over a one-month time frame, your business will be featured in a published book. From this, the opportunities for reciprocal referrals abound. You are looking at the power of exposing your business within the pages of a book, written by someone respected in the field.


If you wish to strategically position your company in front of Peter’s readers, we invite you to talk with Peter and learn how you can become involved. By coming together as a community initiative, we can create a launch that will not only change the way you currently look at advertising, but will also contribute to a charity and change lives. By coming together, we can make a difference!

Kindest regards,



Gerry Robert

Publisher, Black Card Books



PS: Since we are going to press very soon, we urge you to inquire immediately if this interests you. Typically, all spots are sold out the same week we launch this campaign.